All You Need to Know SEM 

On the off chance that you possess an electronic startup or business, you have most likely heard a lot of business experts toss around the word ‘SEM’ and ‘Website optimization’. For starters, SEM is great for the survival of your business. SEO and SEM are used interchangeably. However, there lies in the world of difference between the two words in the marketing world. Before we delve deeper into SEM, let’s understand the underlying meaning of the word SEM and What is SEO on website . 

  • SEM

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SEM is the abbreviation for search engine marketing. It refers to the paid techniques of boosting the ranks of a webpage in the SEPRS. These paid techniques are:

  • Paid Ads
  • Paid advertising
  • CPM or  cost-per-thousand impressions
  • PPC or pay-per-click
  • CPC or cost-per-click 

What is SEO on website?

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Search Engine Marketing subsumes SEO. The process of optimizing your website or blog for the different search engines is called SEO, but when you involve the process of advertising your webpage on the search engines it is called SEM. To start advertising your website on the search engines, you need to set up an ad campaign to display your website as the link on the ad. This is referred to as Pay-per-click advertising.

Now, let’s understand why SEM is necessary for your business:

  • Boosts the Traffic influx to your website

There are substantial researches in evidence to support that over 90 percent of the search engine users do not go beyond the first page of the SERPS. Hence, your business will attract traffic only when you in the top 10. This sounds like an impossible feat if your business is a new entrant in the market or the one with highly competitive rivals. In such a scenario, the SEM proves to be the marketers boon! It automatically places you on the top of the SERPS and redirects the users to your website.  

In brief, SEM is one of the most crucial marketing channels that your business must invest in. The success of your business depends largely on the marketing strategies you adopt today. Hence, as a business, it is imperative that you employ the best SEM strategies for your business. 

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