Need blog post ideas for December? These holiday writing prompts are perfect for sharing Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa stories with your audience. These writing ideas can also be used for journaling prompts! #holidays #writing #blogpost

35 Blog Post Ideas for Telling Holiday Stories

Helllloooo, holidays!

While the holiday season can be a slow time for many blogs, it’s also a great time to capture the magic of the season. Of course you already know that you can blog about gift guides, holiday recipes and decoration ideas. But that’s just scratching the surface! The holidays are the perfect time for some story-telling, no matter what your blog niche might be.

Need blog post ideas for December? These holiday writing prompts are perfect for sharing Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa stories with your audience. These writing ideas can also be used for journaling prompts! #holidays #writing #blogpost

We create so many memories during the holidays from little moments, big moments, happy moments, sad moments, first times and last times. Recording memories from the present (and the past) might just give your future self a smile, a laugh or a reminiscent tear.

But hey, I know your to-do list is about the size of Santa’s naughty list. So I brainstormed a bunch of ideas so you don’t have to! Just pick one or two (or three or four) and blog about it!

Here are 35 holiday blog post ideas perfect for bringing out your storytelling side:

  1. Tell a funny/embarrassing/heartwarming/heartbreaking/happy story about the holidays from your childhood.
  2. How has the meaning of Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa changed for you since you were a kid?
  3. Share the story the behind a holiday dish or dessert you like to make.
  4. Share a holiday picture from your childhood with the story behind it.
  5. Describe your favorite smell of the holidays.
  6. Tell your readers the meaning behind fave ornament.
  7. Showcase pictures of your tree over the years, sharing what’s changed and hasn’t changed.
  8. What do you want your kids to remember about the holidays?
  9. Share the backstory behind a favorite holiday tradition.
  10. What’s your most/least favorite holiday tradition?
  11. Describe your favorite holiday decorations.
  12. What’s the farthest you’ve traveled for the holidays? Or that someone has traveled to visit you?
  13. Share the story behind the best gift you’ve ever received (or your child’s favorite gift).
  14. Describe how holiday shopping makes you feel (crummy, stressed, like an adrenaline rush).
  15. Showcase behind-the-scenes photos of decorating your house (boxes of stuff, broken ornaments, tree at different stages of decoration).
  16. Describe a time when your family was like the Griswolds.
  17. Tell readers about your most/least favorite holiday song.
  18. How has technology changed your holiday traditions?
  19. Dig up some old photos from holidays past and share some thoughts about them.
  20. Interview your kids about their most/least favorite part of the holidays (or fake interview your pet).
  21. How do you (or does your family) open presents? (One at a time, at the same time, throw paper everywhere, etc.)
  22. Do you collect any type of holiday decorations (certain type of ornaments, miniature villages, etc)? Share pictures and why you enjoy collecting them.
  23. Describe your most/least organized holiday ever.
  24. Share a time you’ve celebrated the holidays somewhere extra special.
  25. Who do you miss the most around the holidays?
  26. Write about a holiday cooking/decorating/gift-giving disaster.
  27. How do you help those less fortunate during the holidays?
  28. Any part of the holidays you really dread? Spill it!
  29. Is there anything you forget to take pictures of during the holidays? Or take too many pictures of? Why do you regret/not regret it?
  30. Funny things that were said during a holiday event (mealtime, present-opening time, a party).
  31. What do you love/hate about holiday parties?
  32. How do you show gratitude to your family?
  33. Do you do anything non-traditional during the holidays?
  34. Do you do special holiday pictures? Share what went on behind the scenes to get that picture (the good, bad and ugly).
  35. How do you feel when the holidays are over? Sad? Relieved?

If your blog has a particular niche, don’t discard all of these ideas just yet! Some of these can relate to just about any niche. Just like so…

  • The best [food-related, fashion-related, beauty-related] gift you ever received
  • A time when your family [meal, road trip, etc.] was like the Griswolds
  • Interview your kids about their most/least favorite [thing to eat, place to go, thing to wear] during the holidays.

Whew! I can see some great blog posts brewing from those ideas. Pin or bookmark this page so you can come back to the ideas, whether it be this year or next!

Any topics that you’ve blogged about that I may have missed?

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